EV chargers

Charging stations for electric vehicles offer effective utilisation of electrical energy supplied from the mains or solar panels. Either alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current can be used to charge electric vehicles.



Electrical charging stations are connected to an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle by a cable with various types of terminals.

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Our range of charging stations


A manufacturer of smart charging stations with a focus on combining compact design and high performance. Charging can be monitored and controlled using the myWallbox app. A wide range of accessories are available, such as charging cables, electricity meters, and power supply units.


Wallbox offers solutions for residential and semi-public purposes.


Fronius charging stations are practical charging stations for residential and travel purposes as they allow your electric vehicle to be recharged quickly and cheaply. The advantage is charging that utilises surplus current generated by a photovoltaic system.


It can also be controlled via the app and set smart recharging modes with the option of scheduling.


The SolarEdge solar charging station allows electric vehicles to be charged directly by solar energy. The innovative solar boost system offers the option of simultaneous charging from both the mains and a photovoltaic system.


The charging station can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes, and for single-phase as well as three-phase applications. The charging process can be controlled by the mySolarEdge app.

SolaX Power

SolaX Power charging stations provide dynamic charging mode and the maximum utilisation of all energy acquired from your solar power unit. The charging stations have up to 97 % efficiency.


Units equipped with online monitoring of the entire charging process can be installed in smart households and companies.

Detailed technical specifications for the charging stations in our portfolio are available here.

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