Phono Solar

Phono Solar is a high-tech company specialising in the research, development, and manufacture of photovoltaic solar panels. The company is a leading global provider of solar products and services.


Phono Solar is a subsidiary of the SUMEC Group Corporation (founded in 1978), a member of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation conglomerate (or SINOMACH, a state-owned company) that ranked number 281 in the Fortune 500 in 2023. Since 2014, Phono Solar has been a TIER 1 manufacturer awarded by PVEL on an annual basis. With such a large corporation behind it, the company is accepted by banks, who provide capital for more extensive projects.


The most renowned global references of this brand include:

        • 35 MW Veprek, Czech Republic
        • 20 MW Tsukuba, Japan
        • 60 MW Perak, Malaysia
        • 28 MW Jenkins, Georgia, USA


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Advantages of solar panels manufactured by Phono Solar

Rigorous quality control system

Unique product testing system

TUV, IEC, and UL certification

Smart energy management system

Solarity is a leading distributor of photovoltaic panels manufactured by Phono Solar

Discover the advantages of collaboration with the strong Phono Solar brand, regarded as a symbol of stability, reliability, and sustainability, and a reliable distributor. In collaboration with the Solarity wholesale division, you can make use of a number of benefits, such as the sophisticated logistics system with worldwide reach, professional technical support, the interesting partner program, and the smart financing system.

Our partners have training in photovoltaics at their disposal within the framework of regularly held webinars given by experienced solar system professionals. We will be presenting technologies for solar power systems, as well as innovations in the solar industry.

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Large warehouses, broad

product portfolio

Excellent availability and prices,

personal approach

Flexibility and quick delivery

anywhere, from kW to MW

Technical support, quick response,

trainings and webinars

Phono Solar products in our range

Solar panels

550W TWINPLUS X Silver Frame Bifacial

380W Twinplus Black Frame Mono

      • Capacity 550 watts
      • Dimensions 2,278 × 1,134 × 30 cm
      • Weight 33 kg
      • Low-temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.38 %/°C
      • Test mechanical load (front): 5,400 Pa
      • Higher energy yield by up to 25 % thanks to bifacial technology
      • High capacity with an improved temperature coefficient
      • Resistance to corrosion guarantees increased reliability in demanding environments
      • Safer and easier handling during transport and installation
      • Capacity 380 watts
      • Dimensions 1,792 × 1,039 × 30 cm
      • Weight 20 kg
      • Low-temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.36 %/°C
      • Maximum snow load 5,400 Pa, maximum wind load 2,400 Pa
      • High capacity with an improved temperature coefficient
      • Reduced nominal operating temperature of the cell to 45 ±2 °C
      • Minimised energy losses
Datasheet for downloadDatasheet for download

A wide range of Phono Solar solar modules can be found in our online shop. If you need help choosing the optimum photovoltaic panel for your solar system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on our product range, the purchase options available via our online shop, as well as other possibilities for collaboration.

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Warranty conditions

Solar panels by Phono Solar come with a 12-year warranty.

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Technologically advanced modules from Phono Solar

Phono Solar participated in the development of black silicon solar cells, the half-cell module, as well as the bifacial module. Phono Solar monocrystalline and bifacial panels for solar power systems guarantee long-term endurance, a high transmission capacity, resistance to unfavourable weather conditions, fire, dust, and UV radiation under real as well as extreme conditions. Installation of the solar panels is suitable for residential, business, industrial, and public projects. Solar systems with Phono Solar photovoltaic modules installed provide high-quality performance over their entire life cycle.


Phono Solar is continuously researching and investing in development focused on photovoltaic system solutions and energy storage technology. Phono Solar has implemented a rigorous quality control system to test its products ensuring that each panel is of impeccable quality. The company’s products have been certified by the TUV, IEC, UL, and others.


Solarity is an official distributor of solar panels manufactured by Phono Solar. You can depend on us as an experienced supplier of photovoltaic panels and additional accessories for solar power systems. Contact us. We will be happy to present our references and help you choose the ideal solution for your projects.





Nanjing, China

Subsidiaries companies

20 countries worldwide



Manufacturing facilities

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey

Manufacturing capacity

4 GW


Mono and bifacial panels (PERC, TOPcon, HJT)

Available at


A Tier 1 manufacturer


Reliable and high-quality products


Excellent customer support


A long history in the field

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