Fronius is an Austrian manufacturer of solar inverters. The company was founded in 1945 and has three business units – welding technology, battery charging technology and photovoltaics. The solar inverter production started in 1992 adopting a rock-solid belief that solar power would become the future of energy production.

All Fronius inverters are designed, engineered and manufactured in Austria. Thanks to its long history in the industry and production, it is no surprise that Fronius is one of the most sought-after and reliable inverter brands worldwide. The demand and trust are not based on the production quantities, but on their service, quality and reliability. Solar inverters are the most complex part of any PV system as well as often being the most problematic component. Hence why dependability and excellent service are crucial when choosing an inverter for your system.

In 2012 the SnapINverter range was introduced, which supports the rising demand for Fronius inverters due to their straightforward installation and versatile scale of application. The current SnapINverter range includes Primo, Symo and ECO which have become the inverters of choice for many residential and commercial photovoltaic installations.

Solarity is an official distributor of Fronius products and a long-term business partner. We believe in the quality of their products and appreciate their readily available services in the region thanks to Fronius Service Partners.



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Fronius Warranty conditions

Fronius inverters come with a two-year standard warranty. If you register Fronius inverter within 30 days from dispatch you can choose one of the extra warranty models for free:

  1. Fronius Warranty
    Five additional years to the two-year standard warranty. In the first two years all material costs, servicing and transport charges are covered. As a benefit, you will have a further five years of warranty cover for the cost of materials reaching a total of seven years.
  2. Fronius warranty plus
    The Fronius warranty plus extends the standard two-year warranty by an additional three years. This warranty covers the material costs, servicing and transport fees over the entire five-year warranty period.

You can also choose your individual warranty package on the Fronius Solar web.


Warranty terms may differ depending on the country and region. For more detailed and accurate information please refer to Fronius Warranty Downloads.

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