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We are a distributor and wholesaler of solar systems. During our time in business we have worked with hundreds of B2B clients from over 50 countries. Our business partners are installers, EPCs, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers. Our portfolio includes everything for PV: panelsinverters and optimizersbattery storagecharging stationsmounting systems and PV accessories.

We also offer a wide range of services, including various financing options for your PV projects, always available professional technical support, an interesting partner program, and detailed logistics that make PV material available to you anywhere in the world. For our partners and B2B customers we prepare regular free PV trainings, we follow and bring you solar news. We are happy to share our know-how with you.

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Reference project - Al Khateeb Farm

Plant size: 1 MWP
Panels: LONGi Solar HiMO5 540W
Inverters: SMA Solar Technology- SMA STP 110 Core 2
Partner: Ahmad Shobaki
Location: Ramtha, North of Jordan

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Canadian Solar Topcon N-type PV modules

Canadian Solar was one of the first companies to introduce PV cell and module technologies that later became the industry mainstream, such as bifacial modules (back in 2010), modules with larger-format wafers (up to 210 mm) and, nowadays, N-type high-efficiency cells and modules. Since 2019,

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Intersolar 2023 Recap

This year, Intersolar is embarking on a transformative journey with a multifaceted focus on expanding PV module production capacity, embracing innovative technologies, and preparing for the future of renewable energy integration.

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Tigo hybrid energy storage system

Introduction Tigo Energy is a company that provides smart module technology for solar power systems. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Tigo Energy’s technology allows for individual monitoring and optimization of solar panels, enabling solar system owners to

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