Solar mounting systems and accessories

Mounting systems represent an integral and key part of photovoltaic plants. Their function is reliable fixing of solar panels on either roofs or ground in the case of ground installations.


High quality structures can be installed on all types of roofs as well as roofing materials thus representing an innovative and efficient solution for ground installations.


Last but not least, a wide range of accessories for photovoltaic systems, such as cables and connectors and supplementary components for PV inverters and storage battery systems can be found in our shop.

Solarity will provide you with advanced mounting systems for PV plants, including accessories

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Mounting systems and accessories for PV plants in our offer

K2 Systems

German company K2 Systems develop and manufacture high quality mounting systems ensuring safe fixing of photovoltaic panels. The structures made of either aluminium or steel can be installed on various types of roofs.


In addition, K2 Systems has developed an application and software allowing your projects of PV plants to be scheduled. This makes the project implementation easier and less time-consuming.


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The reliable anchoring systems patented by TreeSystem offer simple, efficient, and innovative solutions for fixing photovoltaic panels in ground installations.

Employment of the mounting system manufactured by TreeSystem eliminates the necessity of concreting. Instead, a few ground screws fixed by an ordinary hammer or air hammer is sufficient.


Aerocompact offers a safe and mechanically stable solution of mounting systems for fixing photovoltaic panels. In addition to the products unrivalled strength and compact design, the aerodynamic shape of the aluminium structures supplied by this manufacturer allows installation in any conditions.

Aerocompact manufactures and supplies mounting systems for roof as well as ground installations.


KBE Elektrotechnik GmbH is a globally recognized manufacturer of harmonized (TÜV / IEC) solar cables for the automotive industry and of special-purpose cables adapted to specific needs of customers.


The solar cables manufactured by KBE have three certifications according to European specifications, namely EN 50618 (H1Z2Z2-K), international standard IEC 62930 (IEC 131), and TÜV 2Pfg 1169 /10.2019 (PV 1500-K). The certifications are a guarantee of excellent engineering properties, safety, and a long service life of the products.


The connectors supplied by Swiss manufacturer Stäubli, connect over 540 GW globally, i.e. more than a half of the total global photovoltaic capacity.


The original MC4 connector is the most widely installed PV connector in the world. It was designed and engineered by the highly trained specialists in Stäubli, Switzerland, more than 20 years ago.

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