We are sorry that a product purchased from us has caused your claim. We will do the very best to find a quick and fair solution.

The best and fastest solution is to fill in directly the form of the manufacturer whose product you need to claim. If you need any assistance or have other problems do not hesitate to fill in our form in right bottom corner.

The manufacturer warranty does not cover mechanical damage.  Below you can find some examples of mechanical damage mostly caused by transportation or wrong handling of the goods. If your case is mechanical damage you need to claim the transportation.

What is your claim about?

Before submitting a claim please make sure you are claiming the correct cause.

Please make sure that during the takeover of the good you check the following:

  1. Packing without any visual damage
  2. If the supply is matching your order
  3. To get international CMR (bill of delivery)
  4. If the damage is visible you need to note it in the CMR, inform us and take pictures of the defect. Otherwise we cannot proceed with insurance
  5. Unpack all received goods (applies especially for modules) and control them during 7 days and share the result with Solarity to have a chance to claim the invisible damages at carriers. Without this we have no chance to have success claim.

Please send us a detailed description of your claim including order number, invoice number and a copy of CMR and pictures if relevant according to your claim via the form in right bottom corner.

if youR claim IS not related to transportation follow the instructions below


Inverter manufacturers take care of the claims themselves. For the fastest resolution submit the claim directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Before submitting a claim, please make sure you are not claiming mechanical damage which is not covered in the manufacturer warranty.

Submit the claim through the contact form on the bottom of the  page or through our resolution center

Don’t forget to attach the proforma invoice, photos of the defect and provide the following information:

Inverter data including:

      1. Product model
      2. Product serial number
      3. Failure code
      4. Failure comment 

Documentation including:

      1.  Valid warranty certificate 
      2. Detailed information about the entire systems (e.g. system schematic)
      3. Documentation of previous claims/exchanges (if applicable)

To claim a Huawei inverter fill out the online claim form on their website.

>> Huawei online claims

To claim a KACO inverter fill out KACO online form.

>> KACO online claims


To claim a Tigo products please contact Tigo support and make sure to include all necessary information.



To claim a Deye inverter fill out Deye online form.

Solar panels

The process for claiming defective solar panels is the same for all module manufacturers.


Don’t forget to attach the proforma invoice, photos of the defect and the claim form from the first step