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With the impact of climate change looming on the horizon, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. First of all, what is CSR? CSR refers to the voluntary commitment of companies to behave responsibly towards the environment and society. At Solarity, we take this engagement seriously.


Sustainability is one of Solarity’s core values – we are dedicated to giving back to the environment, community, and our employees. Our company has been involved in many different eco-projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions, improve our employees’ working environment, support our local communities and even third world countries.


For more information, check out our blog posts below that explain and show each of our different eco-friendly projects in more detail. All our initiatives aim to leave a lasting impact for a brighter future.

Think renewable, live sustainable!

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PV systems are green, Solarity even greener!

In addition to selling renewable solar systems, we have been involved in different projects with a focus on sustainability in the past year. Here is a short summary of activities of ours that have left a tangible and positive impact on the planet. Planting trees

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