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LONGi Solar is a Tier 1 manufacturer of solar panels renowned for its monocrystalline technologies and the latest innovations. LONGi was incorporated in 2000 and has focused exclusively on monocrystalline wafers since then.

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Effectiveness and improved efficiency

A steadily increasing market share

The latest certified technologies

Solar energy for a green world

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Thanks to investments in research and development and solutions with low LCOE, LONGi has been defining industrial standards and breaking new world records in recent years. The effectiveness of the solar modules continuously set new world records with deliveries and an increasing market share from year to year.

Collaboration between Solarity and LONGi Solar is based on professionalism focused on a pro-client approach. We support your plans by helping you accomplish them thanks to our extensive warehouse stock. LONGi Solar photovoltaic panels can be delivered to you anywhere in the world with our reliable and prompt transport services. We will provide you with professional technical support.

Our partners are invited to take advantage of the regularly organised free professional training sessions and seminars.

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Large warehouses, broad

product portfolio

Excellent availability and prices,

personal approach

Flexibility and quick delivery

anywhere, from kW to MW

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Solar panels



      • Suitable for ground installations of photovoltaic power systems and distribution system projects
      • The latest technologies (M6 gallium-doped wafer, 9-busbar half-cut cell) guaranteeing excellent panel efficiency
      • Distinguished performance in the field of power generation
      • The high quality of the module assures long-term reliability
      • The M10-182 mm technology is optimum for ultra large power plants
      • The latest technologies (M10 gallium-doped wafer, smart soldering, 9-busbar half-cut cell) guaranteeing excellent panel efficiency
      • Distinguished performance in the field of power generation
      • The high quality of the module assures long-term reliability
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Our online shop offers business partners a wide range of LONGi Solar panels for photovoltaic power systems. If you have any questions concerning our range of products, the terms and conditions of purchase, or the possibilities of collaboration, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Warranty terms and conditions

LONGi Solar provides a 12-year extended product guarantee for all panels. The performance guarantee for standard panels is 25 years, with 30 years for bi-facial.

LONGi has opted for a future of clean energy products

The LONGi Solar philosophy is to gain the maximum from solar energy to build a green world. Today, LONGi is part of a community of world-leading producers of monocrystalline silicon panels. In 2016, they launched mono-PERC modules with integrated PERC technology on monocrystalline silicon with minimal degradation due to light and with improved cell efficiency from 21 % to 24.06 %.  The highly efficient cells are cut by IR laser-based half-cut technology. Bi-facial modules utilise incident light on both sides of the panel. At the beginning of 2021, production capacity exceeded 20 GW. Modules with high efficiency can be utilised in a wide spectrum of installations, both commercial and private.


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Xi’an, Shaanxi, China


China, US, Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia

Area of operation


Production plants

Yunnan, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Shanxi

Production capacity

50 GW


Monocrystalline panels

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A leader in the field of monocrystalline panels

Highly efficient P-type PERC modules


Global reach

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