About SMA

SMA is a system technology manufacturer that offers inverters and technology energy management systems.


The company developed one of the world’s first commercial and residential solar inverters more than 30 years ago. Today, as a leading PV system specialist, the company is still devoted to developing technologies that will shape tomorrow’s world.


With innovative solutions and subsidiaries over 18 countries, SMA can provide premium and fast service to its customers. The free monitoring system enables to avoid downtime and improves the overall system performance thanks to SMA’s pro-active service. Therefore if a problem arises, SMA can diagnose the problem remotely and only then, if needed, perform diagnostic checks in person.


SMA products have won numerous awards in the PV field and SMA technology is protected by over 1200 patents.



Global Executive HQ

Niestetal, Germany

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Germany, US, China

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Warranty conditions

They offer a standard warranty period of 5 years on inverters. However, if desired, it is possible to extend warranty plans up to a maximum of 20 total years. 

Download SMA Warranty conditions for further details.