Explore the newest Deye solutions for commercial and residential projects

Due to the huge demand for residential hybrid inverters, Solarity considered adding a new manufacturer to its portfolio. After much research and analyses of local market requirements, a decision was made. The following criteria were taken into consideration:

        • Product price
        • Continuous availability
        • Compatibility with different manufacturers of batteries
        • Integration with generators and the other sources of power
        • User-friendly interface
        • Local support

As a manufacturer, Deye was established in Ningbo, China in 2000. Furthermore, in 2007 the company launched the production of its first inverter and in just 10 years they’ve already shipped 30,000 hybrid inverters. In 2021 this number reached 70,000.

Single-phase on-grid inverter power ranges from 1.5-10.5 kW are suitable for residential rooftop applications. It comes with one or two MPPT, applicable to single alignment and multiple alignment rooftops. What’s more, the new product- SUN-10.5K-G is one of the maximum power models of single-phase on-grid inverters on the market.

Solution and service by Deye – professional single phase string inverter manufacturer.

The Deye three-phase on-grid inverter power range is from 4 kW to 110 kW with 230/400 Vac. So it can connect to the utility grid (230/400 V) directly without a transformer.

For the SUN-110K-G03, it has 6 MPP trackers and 24 pairs of strings. The max. DC input power is up to 150 kW. So it can save investments in equipment by connecting more PV modules.

Solution and service by the leading 3 phase string inverter manufacturer.

Deye hybrid inverters are compatible with 25 different brands of batteries and because of that there are 2 different types of inverters:


        • Low Voltage (Battery Voltage Range 40-60 V): single phase and three phase solutions
        • High Voltage (Battery Voltage Range 160-700 V): three phase solutions


High Voltage hybrid inverters have power from 5 to 50 kW and it is possible to connect up to 10 inverters in parallel without any additional equipment. Moreover, not all the connected inverters should have the same power.

Work modes

With compact design and high-power density, this series supports the 1.3 DC/AC ratio, saving device investment. The inverters of this series have smart cooling, which allows them to operate in high temperatures (>45°).

Low Voltage Hybrid inverters can be single phase and three phase. Single Phase inverters have a power range of 3-8 kW and 2 separate MPPTs. Three phase inverters – from 5 to 12 kW with 2 separate MPPTs. 

Single phase can connect up to 16 items in parallel, and three phase – up to 10. Low voltage inverters can be equipped with a smart or neutral cooling system – depending upon the type.

Like the majority of modern hybrid solutions on the market, Deye allows separate circuits to the main load circuit and backup (critical) load circuit. However, Deye supports the unbalanced grid load not just during the normal regime, but also in the backup mode during a blackout. The only condition is that the load imbalance on 1 phase can’t exceed 51% of the total load. Moreover, it is possible to connect the power generator to the Deye hybrid inverter – there is a dedicated port for this purpose

There is no need to install an additional ATS device for users between the generator and inverter. The voltage output from the generator is a signal for the inverter to recognize it and switch to the required program. The built in ON/OFF switch easily cuts off output in case of an emergency situation. Furthermore, instead of the power generator, another power device could be connected, for example, a string inverter.

Furthermore, instead of the power generator, another power device, such as a string inverter, could be connected. This solution is more flexible even in case of a power outage and makes the entire system operate. This solution allows using the output energy from the string inverter to charge the battery or to supply the load.

Also, the hybrid inverter can work not only with power generators, but also with wind turbines as well. It is technically possible to connect e.g. photovoltaic modules to the first MPPT and a wind turbine to the second MPPT.

All the inverters are equipped with colored user-friendly touch screens. This allows easy monitoring and management of the system settings. For example, it is possible to select the working mode directly from the inverter screen. The Deye Hybrid Inverter allows users to set time windows for charging and discharging the energy storage system. In this configuration, the hybrid inverter allows you to reduce electricity bills by adjusting the system activity to electricity tariffs.

All the inverters listed in Solairity’s offer meet all the required certifications and declarations of conformity.

Author: Konstantyn Lytvak, Technical Support Manager