Hanwha Q-Cells

Hanwha Q-Cells demonstrated the advantages of bringing together its German and Malaysian Q-Cells and Chinese SolarOne manufacturing. The company shipped some 3.2 GW of modules, at an average selling price of $0.58/W and 3.25 GW of polycrystalline silicon cells. Hanwha also produces ingots and wafers, for its own operations, delivering additional quality and cost advantages. Hanwha is a 100% polycrystalline PV producer.

In Q2 2015 Hanwha relocated 170 MW of cell production from Germany to Malaysia, retaining 60 MW of annual production at its Thalheim base for R&D purposes. Construction and equipment installation on Hanwha’s new 1.5 GW Korean cell and module facilities were commenced in 2015. The Korean fab will produce both BSF and Q.antum cells. The company spent some $200 million in 2015 primarily on the Korean facility, but also on increasing module capacity in Malaysia and automating lines in China.

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