In light of challenges posed by rapid growth, Solarity is expanding its staff

Solarity has recently experienced some issues relating to its delivery system due to the overflow in orders and an understaffed team. In light of these concerns, the company is increasing its staff, starting from its logistics department.

Like all growing companies, higher sales and increased workload can take their toll.  To this effect, Solarity has hired four new employees for its logistics team, and a total of nine new people have joined the company in September and October. Further improvements in September included an improved and physically expanded new office in Prague, the hiring of a Logistics Specialist and enhancement of the Internal HR department, all vital assets for business expansion. October saw the appointing of six new employees: a new Financial Controller, a second Logistics Specialist, and a Junior Logistics Specialist. To manage the new logistics team and oversee shipments and deliveries, a new Head of Logistics was appointed. From late October, Solarity hired two new Business assistants, one collaborating with sales and project financing, the other aiding the purchasing department. With new staff on board and a strong logistics team,  Solarity is now ready to face new arising challenges and drive sustainable growth in the PV sector.

The Logistics Department






New staff from other departments

Dominika, Reception

Iwona, Finance

Anna, Purchase

Lucie, Finance

Michaela, HR

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