Installation of PV Modules on Flat Rooftops with K2 Systems

In our last article we were evaluating the best K2 Systems mounting solutions for pitched roofs. This article will instead focus on flat roofs and the tailor-made K2 products for them.

Flat roofs with a ≤ 3° inclination are already very popular roofing options for commercial and industrial facilities. Buildings with flat roofs tend to have different size and roofing material. Also, many obstacles may exist on flat roofs such as chimneys, ventilation blocks or coolers.

Each of these factors require versatile and flexible solutions that allow the installation of PV modules without it being necessary to penetrate (and therefore damage) the roof and install the modules in a position on the roof that permits adequate access to sunlight. K2 system provides ballasted flat roof solutions that fit practically any demands of buildings and future PV-accessible building projects.

Dome 6 Systems

The newest flat roof solution from K2 is called Dome 6 and it comes with both a south orientation and E&W orientation configuration. The inclination angle of the PV module is 10° while permissible module dimensions are (L×W×H): 1448-2390 × 950-1170 × 30-50mm.

Dome 6 systems are delivered with pre-assembled rail sets and a click system for peaks to minimize the assembly time on site. With this solution the installer could have a 472 kWp plant ready after 2.5 days.

All components of the Dome 6 systems are made from premium material as seen below:

        • Peak, SD, mounting rail, MidPlate, EndPlate, Connector, Porter, MiniClamps: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66 and AW-6082 T6
        • Windbreaker: Magnelis
        • Mat S protective mat: EPDM
        • Small parts: stainless steel (1.4301) A2-70

Typical components of S-Dome 6 system


Dome 6 Base set

Dome 6.10 Peak

MiniClamps MC+EC


Dome 6 Connector set



Further Advantages

K2 System also provides solutions for Cable management, module bonding & lighting protection. For an a more seamless workflow, the designer can export the design on the K2 Base to many different designing tools from manufacturers such as: SolarEdge Designer, Fronius, SMA Sunny Design and more. This function allows designers to complete their work quickly and efficiently.

Our offer

As an official K2 Systems distributor, we at Solarity provide the Dome 6 system mentioned above in stock and ready to be sent to all clients in the EU region. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding the choice of the perfect solution for your roof.

There are 2 simple ways to order K2 solutions from us:

      1. Do it yourself using the K2 BaseOn free designing tool, then export the BOM and send it to Solarity
      2. Fill in the PV survey and send it to us


Solarity and K2 regularly organize webinars to train prospective installers on how to design and work with K2 solutions properly and competently. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to be updated on these latest webinars and training videos.

K2 systems also provides a warranty for customers. Products under the brand name “K2” will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 years from the date of commissioning. Warranty claims can be carried out by phone call or Email. For further information concerning warranty conditions please check the K2 conditions or contact K2 directly and speak with their highly attentive customer service.

All our sale representatives have been trained in all aspects of K2 solutions and Solarity has a technical team ready to help our customers with all specific and unique designs.

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