SMA adjusts the product options for STP 20/25000TL-30

In the course of the optimization of SMA’s production processes, all current factory-set options within the Sunny Tripower inverters (STP20000TL-30 and STP25000TL-30) will be exclusively available as retrofit kit as from January 1, 2016. The sole exception is the display which you can still purchase as an option ex works.

Please note that the communication interface RS485 is also only available in the future as an optional retrofit kit. The reason for this: Even today more than 85% of all Sunny Tripowers are requested with the Speedwire communication type, based on Ethernet technology. As an innovative company, SMA is committed to using the communication technology of the future. Therefore, all SMA inverters will be equipped as standard with IP-based communication technology.

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