StorEdge battery solutions: Hybrid solution for every home

The Izraeli company SolarEdge has introduced a new hybrid all-in-one solution. The new Solar Edge solution covers single phase and three phase residential projects. In the Solarity portfolio you can find both versions. The main difference is in the batteries.

Optimize SolarEdge installations with StorEdge

Single phase system

For single phase hybrid inverters SolarEdge SEXX00H-RWS00BEO4 (2,2 – 6kW) you can use the 10kWh SolarEdge BAT-10K1PS0B battery. As a battery accessory the floor stand IAC-RBAT-FLRSTD-01 is available,  IAC-RBAT-HANDLE-01 handles and branch connectors IAC-RBAT-RWYCBL-01 are available for manipulation.

Three phase system

More common in our regions are three phase residential projects, Solar Edge offers 5 – 10kW inverters with backup SEXXK-RWB48BFN4. Regarding storage, Solar Edge provides 4.6kWh battery packs BAT-05K48M0B-02. Batteries are stackable up to 3 batteries per tower, with a maximum of 5 batteries per inverter. As a battery accessory there is a top cover kit for the IAC-RBAT-5KMTOP-01 battery, for connecting more solar batteries there is the IAC-RBAT-5KCBAT-01 cable set, a cable from the inverter to the battery IAC-RBAT-5KCINV-01, once there are more battery towers SE provides IAC-RBAT-5KCTOW-01 and a floor stand for the battery IAC-RBAT-5KFSTD-01.

Batteries are stackable up to 3 pieces per tower (3×4.6 kWh):

The maximum battery storage that can be connected to one inverter is 5 batteries:

Batteries should have a maximum distance of 5 meters from the inverter:

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Author: Vítězslav Rosík, Global Product Manager