Increase Your Solar Production With Tigo’s TS4 Module Optimisers

We would like to introduce you Tigo, the new brand in our portfolio.

Tigo is an American based solar panel optimiser company that was founded in 2007. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, Tigo developed the first-generation Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry in 2007.

Today, Tigo offers a full platform of integrated  and  retrofitted (mounted on an existing installed PV system) and  communications  technology. By partnering with tier 1 panel and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the TS4 Platform. To enable the monitoring feature, it is needed to connect the Modules OptimizersTigo Access Point, and the Cloud Connect Kit (as depicted below). The Cloud Kit is not needed if it is already integrated into the inverter. To learn the difference between Tigo and SolarEdge solutions, see the review: SolarEdge Vs Tigo Power Optimizers.
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Our featured product: Advanced Retrofit Optimizer

Improve energy efficiency by upgrading underperforming PV systems or adding smart features to new installations. The TS4-A-O with UHD-Core technology and expanded specifications supports PV modules up to 500W.

Module-level optimization: increased energy yield and greater design flexibility

Safety: Enhanced safety for NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown compliance

Monitoring: Module-level monitoring for energy production tracking and system management

Easy Installation: Snap to standard module frame or remove brackets for rack mounting

Smart Commissioning: Configure and commission with your Android or iOS mobile device

No Compatibility Issues: Tigo works with all inverters with MPPT

Advanced Retrofit Optimizer


Selective Deployment of Optimization

When using a single string per MPPT, optimization can be selectively deployed on the shaded modules.  By using optimization only where needed, you can optimize system performance at a lower cost.



36% Energy Boost with Tigo’s Retrofitted Optimization

A Greek residential PV system significantly improves energy harvest over 6 months with Tigo’s TS4-R-O’s. 

First Full Mega Solar PV system in Japan

Without the Tigo optimizers on the array the plant would be producing 5-10% less than a traditional array.