Aerocompact: To enable the secure installation of solar systems worldwide

The company was founded in 2014 by Mathias Muther. Specialized in the production of aerodynamic substructures for the photovoltaic industry, the company has grown rapidly. The company is focused on the manufacture and sale of PV racking for flat roofs without direct connection and the AeroTOOL design software, which is available online free of charge for every customer. Fastening solutions for pitched roofs or ground-mounted systems now round off the product portfolio.
All products are tested according to the highest industry standards, and the static design as well as the wind and snow load calculation is carried out for each individual project in AeroTOOL, the company’s own online 3D engineering software. The in-house development team constantly improves the products and also puts a strong focus on new developments and innovations. All products have their own patents and are design protected.

AEROCOMPACT has 14 locations around the world with headquarters in Austria, the USA and India.


        • AeroTOOL: Visualization and planning software. All required wind maps, snow loads, country-specific code standards as well as product tests such as wind tunnel, TUV and UL test results are programmed in the software.
        • COMPACTFLAT: aerodynamic South and East/West system for fastening framed modules on flat roofs. It is available in 5°, 10° and 15° tilt, and in different row spacings
        • COMPACTPITCH: aerodynamic and powerful mounting system for mounting framed PV modules on pitched and metal roofs. It is both flexible and simple to assemble.
        • COMPACTGROUND: aerodynamic south and east/west system for mounting framed PV modules on open spaces. It is available in 15° and 20° inclination and in various row spacings.
        • COMPACTMETAL: modular system for all types of metal roofs. It is compelling due to its versatile components and ease of assembly.


With our online software AeroTOOL we give our customers and employees a tool to plan and engineer solar systems worldwide via Google Maps and to create a project report with location-specific statics calculation in just a few steps. The software provides the customer with extensive information in a project report as well as a material list and price for the automated ordering of AEROCOMPACT® products.


All required wind maps, snow loads, country-specific code standards as well as product tests such as wind tunnel, TUV and UL test results are programmed in the software. In day-to-day business, our customers and employees are able to plan solar systems worldwide in minutes without ever being on site at the project location.


        • Google Maps roof layout and recording of roof dimensions
        • Fast and easy project review and planning
        • Structural calculations according to EN standards for each project
        • Consideration of shadows
        • Central project management
        • Planning reliability
        • Save resources and minimize errors
        • Layout and assembly plan for each project
        • Custom planning with bill of materials output


The system, as part of the CompactFLAT product range, is an aerodynamic south-facing substructure for the fixing of framed PV modules on flat roofs. It is available at an incline of 5° and with different row spacing. No additional components are necessary for reducing the clearance between the modules. With the smallest row spacing, the amount of empty space is reduced considerably, and the system offers more installed modules – meaning more performance and yield – per unit area.


COMPACTGROUND G is our new South aligned ground mounted system with a tilt between 15° and 20°. As the fastest ground-mounted system on the market, it can also be loaded into a truck up to 700 kWp. The system is installed with ground anchors or ballast stones.


Advantages at a glance

        • No ramming and no heavy machinery
        • Now with ground screw for fast installation and cost savings

The CompactGROUND RAM product range has been specially developed to meet the worldwide requirements of an efficient ground-mounted ramming system. In addition to high-quality materials and an ergonomic design, the range of short assembly times was also considered as the main criterion. The CompactGROUND RAM system combines high quality materials, well thought-out construction and customer-oriented thinking with “detailed efficiency.”


The CompactPITCH product family offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. The simple installation of the smart system saves time and resources while offering an inexpensive system price.


CompactMETAL are specially selected and designed products, suitable for all metal roof types. The corresponding module clamps are available in the click-on version for faster assembly. The clamps are available with and without earthing pins.

Solarity and Aerocompact cooperation

Since 2022, Solarity started to officially distribute Aerocompact solutions. Solarity provides a wide range of support for clients, from regular training, development and consultation to keeping our goods in stock. Clients interested in a PV mounting system should contact us for further information or order from our eshop at