European Commission is reducing the MIP

European Commission (EC) has published new implementing regulation imposing definitive duties on imports of photovoltaic cells and modules originating in or consigned from China. The mechanism of MIP will be variable, new MIP will decrease quarterly, starting in October 2017. According to regulation, prices after October will be 0,37 €/Wp for polycrystalline PV modules and 0,42 €/Wp for monocrystalline modules. Gradual reductions to the MIP are then planned for the following quarters. It is expected to fall to  €0,30 for poly and €0,35 for mono-crystalline modules by the third quarter of 2018. The MIP is valid for all participating PV manufacturers. A number have been expelled for violations since the start of the undertaking, or chose to voluntarily withdraw from the agreement. For a large number of Chinese PV manufacturers not participating in the undertaking, a minimum import price, coupled with a variable duty, will be applied in the future.   source

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