Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus, a versatile hybrid inverter with integrated backup power function

The versatile hybrid inverter The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus is the all-in-one solution for solar energy supply. Whether it is used in photovoltaics, a storage system, back-up power, heating or e-mobility, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers a unique range of solutions and is therefore playing a pioneering role in the home energy revolution sector.

A new look

New Design

Fronius Symo GEN24

Fronius Symo SnapIN

Fronius GEN24 has a completely a new appearance which is radically different from the Fronius SnapIN Symo. A powerful fan is located on the frontside of the inverter. This apparatus is combined with the heat sink under the cover. This design allows the inverter to operate more efficiently and powerfully.

Fronius GEN24 Thermal concept

No more LCD display

Screens often represent weak points on inverters; hence they have been removed from the Fronius GEN24. Instead, there are only two colour LEDs and three buttons that can be used for quick checkups of the inverter status. Commissioning of the inverter can be easily done via a new app – Solar.Start from Fronius available in iOS and Android.

LEDs and buttons

Fast, Easy and Comfortable Installation

Fronius Symo GEN24 comes with plenty of new features which make the installation simpler and faster. The inverter has three main parts: Housing cover, Inverter and Mounting Bracket. The inverter can be easily hung on the Mounting Bracket. Fronius has created special 180o locking screws which make the process of opening and closing the inverter extremely rapid and secure.

Installation features

Plug-in Spring connection

Fronius has no torque Plug-in Spring connection for both DC and AC sides. This feature allows the installer to make the connection comfortably even in the narrowest of working spaces. A communication board set with all options including: Modbus RS485, LAN, Wif and USB is already integrated inside the inverter.

Connections overview

Fronius GEN24 DC terminals

Fronius GEN24 AC terminal

Fronius GEN24 AC terminal

System Operation

The inverter transforms the direct current generated by the solar modules into alternating current. This alternating current is fed into the public grid and synchronized with the grid voltage in use. The inverter also automatically monitors the public grid. This is done by monitoring the voltage, frequency and islanding conditions. After installation and commissioning, the inverter’s operation is fully automatic; as it draws the maximum possible power from the solar modules.

Depending on the operating point, this power is best used at home, stored in a battery, or fed directly into the grid. As soon as the energy provided by the solar modules is no longer sufficient, the power from the battery is fed into your home. Also depending on the setting, power may also be obtained from the public grid to charge the battery.

Self-consumption optimisation

The inverter always adjusts to the set target value on the Smart Meter. By changing the target value to 0W at the feed-in point, the site maximizes self-consumption and has zero-feed-in to the grid. All available solar energy will be used for the household. The inverter will automatically reduce its power output when the battery is full and lower the energy demand on-site to avoid feed-in to the grid.

Backup Power with PV Point (OP) even without Battery

With the PV Point, in the event of a failure of the public grid, electrical devices can be connected to the Opportunity Power (OP) terminal and supplied with a single-phase maximum power of 3kW, if enough power is available from the solar modules or an optional battery. This PV-Point function works even without a battery connected to the inverter. In a grid-connected operation, the OP terminal is not supplied with voltage; therefore the connected loads will not be supplied with power in this operating mode.

Overload capacity of 35% is possible for a duration of 5 seconds, depending on the capacity of the solar modules and/or the battery.

Operation diagram with PV-Point backup

Backup Full Power with Battery

The Fronius GEN24 inverter not only supplies the house with power from the sun, but also provides the option to store that energy in the battery and/or feed it into the grid. That is not all. After a successful installation, the system could supply connected loads in the event of a power failure. 

Keep in mind that even though the Fronius GEN24 supports backup operation, it is still an on-grid inverter and should not be used as an off-grid inverter.

Operation diagram with Full backup

The inverter can work with a BYD battery flawlessly. Fronius GEN24 and BYD systems have won numerous awards for highest efficiency energy storage system. Currently, Fronius GEN24 inverters are compatible with BYD HVS and HVM batteries. In the future, more battery brands like LG chem will be added to the list.

Compatibility with BYD batteries

Future proof design

Solar modules are becoming ever more powerful offering higher current output every year. For example, new the Q CELLS Q.PEAK-DUO ML-G9 390W has an operating current at 10.71A, while CanadianSolar Hiku mono 450W has an operating current at 11.02A.

The Fronius Symo GEN24 has a high maximum input current on both MPPT terminals (25A for MPPT1 and 12.5A for MPPT2). This feature allows installers to design utilizing high power modules without a problem. Fronius also provides a quick designing tool called Solar configurator to help installers to quickly measure and attach the PV strings with the desired PV modules.