German PV tender: Prices fall below EUR 0.07 per kWh

27 bids with a total capacity of 163 MW won contracts in the tender, with the lowest bid as low as EUR 0.0626 per kWh. The tender was, however, largely oversubscribed. The average tariff price for the bids in the sixth round of the tender was EUR 0.069 per kWh. Thus, once again it was a strong improvement – in the fifth round, it was EUR 0.0725 per kWh. The lowest successful bid was EUR 0.0626 per kWh. According to the Federal Network Agency, the highest bid that was still successful, was EUR 0.0717 per kWh, which is still below the average price of the previous round. Interestingly, 16 of the 27 winning bids were for projects to be developed along motorways and railways.

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