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Module cost increase

Contrary to the previous trend, module prices have been rising across the entire PV supply chain in 2021. This year solar panel prices keep being very volatile, with dramatic increases that could spike up to 25%. The factors that have increased the price are mainly two folds. 

Raw material prices

The market expected production costs to fall starting in the second quarter of 2021, lowering module prices, but the opposite has happened. The supply chain has been seeing price peaks in January 2021 for copper, but not only. In Q2, the price of other raw materials such as glass or silver increased too. 

Even for highly vertically integrated manufacturers, offering the same pricing as half a year ago is extremely difficult without sacrificing quality. Make sure to avoid overly attractive low pricing, as low-grade and low-quality raw materials can compromise the quality of your modules.

Freight costs

Freight costs have risen dramatically and are unlikely to fall this year. While the trade imbalance between China and Western markets is not a new phenomenon, there has been a rapid increase in goods demand in the West. From very low levels during lockdowns to very high levels during the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and the resumption of economic activity has posed severe logistical challenges. As a result, the shipping cost has risen and is not expected to improve dramatically by the end of 2021.


In June, you can look forward to three Jinko webinars in English, Ukrainian, and Polish. Register now to discover Jinko’s newest technologies. 

If you have missed them or can’t attend, don’t worry; you will find the recorded webinars on our Solarity Youtube channel.

Apart from that, a SolaX webinar is also coming up in July, so stay tuned if you want to know more about their EV charging and battery solutions!

SolarEdge three-phase Synergy inverters

SolarEdge has introduced the next generation of commercial inverters with a capacity of up to 120 kW. The new three-phase inverter with Synergy technology reduces both installation time and additional costs. View the recorded webinar or check out this short Youtube video to learn more about the new Synergy inverter. 

Solarity is growing

Despite the corona crisis, the company has been growing steadily in the past year. Solarity almost doubled its number of employees and is expanding geographically too. A new office will be soon officially opened in Warsaw, a new warehouse in Lodz, and even a new office in Morocco. Even the Prague office is now too small and will be extended in September 2021.

Many new positions are being created, so if you are interested in joining our great team, check out the job opportunities at