Keeping our employees safe without limiting operations during COVID-19 outbreak

Last updated 17th of March

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and trying to minimize the impact on our employees and customers. We are fully operational and the main goal at the moment is to keep everyone safe, that’s why we introduced some precautions valid from 13th of March until further notice.

  • We have switched to a home-office regime
  • We have restricted international traveling for business purposes until further notice
  • We won’t be physically attending business meetings
  • Everyone coming to the warehouse is required to wear a mask
  • All the exhibitions in April are postponed
  • All the upcoming trainings are cancelled until further notice

New dates of exhibitions

Construma, Budapest: 1 -5.4.2020 10.-14.6.2020

Sonex, Amman: 6.-9.4.2020 22.-25.6.2020

CISOLAR, Kyiv: 7.-9.4.2020 16.-17.7.2020

Green Power, Poznan: 21.-23.4.2020 21.-23.10.2020

Our company decided not to take part in CISOLAR Kyiv. We will see you in Ukraine during SEF Kyiv 22.-23.10.2020.


Many countries, including the Czech Republic, closed their borders for personal transportation. The travel restriction does not apply for trucks, so the movement of goods remains without significant restrictions. The increase in border controls is causing queues on some border crossing points with waiting time of several hours. This can result in a slight rise in prices for deliveries and 1-2 day delays might occur as well. To monitor the current situation at the borders, we recommend consulting this page

Manufacturers in China

While the virus is raging across Europe, China managed to recover. The latest news from Canadian Solar is that the deliveries are limited due to the capacity loss from the end of January and beginning of February of 2020. The good news is that module production in China is recovering and is reaching the normal levels as we speak. The supply of modules is expected to be on time in the following months.