We have started to plant a tree for every order!

Reducing our carbon footprint is at the heart of everything we do. That is why, in April 2020, CEO Michal Adrian has decided to make another small step forward to a greener future. For every order Solarity receives, we plant a tree. No matter the size of the order.

At Solarity, our core business is distributing solar systems and PV solutions around the world. Being a solar distributor already helps to build a sustainable future thanks to renewable energy. But we are going further.

We want to have a positive impact on the environment and contribute in more ways to change lives. We have already taken part in several projects to develop local communities: we use intermodal transportation; we have provided solar systems to schools and students in Myanmar; we have donated material to build a pergola for students at CZU (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague); we have made donations to 4Ocean and many more.

Why planting trees?

We want to reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to reforestation, we are not only reducing the amount of carbon emitted but also increasing the oxygen supply. Planting trees contributes to a better and greener living situation for communities in our tree planting radius by providing employment to locals, restoring fauna and flora, and growing more food.

One tree planted and Solarity

How do we plant trees?

To help us on this greener journey, we have partnered with One Tree Planted – a renowned non-profit organization from the USA.

The principle is simple. At the end of the month, for each order we have processed, we give 1$ to One Tree Planted. Subsequently they organize tree-planting campaigns (through volunteering programs) at different locations where trees previously disappeared (due to agriculture, forest fire, drought, timber industry, etc.). 

Since April, we have already planted 725 trees and we plan to plant many more.

One Tree Planted certificate

What next?

Solarity aims to embody sustainability as its principal ideal, and our staff is always on board with this “higher purpose”. Indeed, our personnel think and act green in their daily activities: some walk, run or even bike to work every day; others buy only local or even in bulk to avoid using unnecessary plastic packaging. All this to work with a common purpose, spreading efficient and clean solar energy.

Planting trees for each order is another step forward to an even more eco-friendly company.

Green commuting to work
Biking to work Solarity