A Decade of Solarity

Solarity, a company that has been striving for excellence in the solar tech and energy sector, is approaching its tenth year of existence. Ten years that have seen Solarity grow from an idea to a small operation to an international distributor and solution provider of photovoltaic systems.

It has been a decade of continuous growth and expansion while facing countless challenges and obstacles but always endeavouring to improve not only as a company but improving the lives of everyone we interact with (both through our business and non-profit initiatives) to create a greener world fuelled by clean, renewable solar energy.


To have a better understanding of what Solarity was, is and could become we have to take a step back in time. 

2009 Michal Adrian founded a small EPC installation company, opening a first warehouse and office and hiring the firm’s first employee. The timing was ideal as that year saw a global boom in PV sales. With these first positive strides though came the first setbacks. 

Two years later on October 11th, 2011, Solarity was founded with an immediate focus on international expansion of sales and distribution.

This proved to be the first of many winning moves that cemented Solarity’s position as a global distributor of PV systems and related tech for both private citizens and other businesses who choose to switch to clean, affordable and eco-friendly power for off-grid use.


2013-2015 saw another breakthrough. Due to a constant growth of sales Solarity´s e-shop was launched and also Solarity Hungary branch opened in Budapest which  marked a historic moment of expansion for the company and a shift of focus to distribution.

The company continued to grow and acquire more contracts and internationally renowned clients and make a name for itself globally in the PV sector. By the end of 2018 the first branch in a non-EU country was inaugurated in Ukraine.

This precipitous growth, aided by a worldwide shift towards renewable energy made it possible for expansion not only outside of the EU but out of Europe itself


2019 saw the establishment of Solarity Jordan, the company’s first foray in the Middle Eastern PV market. 2019 also saw a new office complex being opened in downtown Prague, a modernized refurbishment focused solely on creating the best possible work environment for the now 30 employees that call Solarity home. That year the company also breaks a new record by delivering 120 882kW of solar power.

2020 would see further expansion even with the hardships caused by the ongoing pandemic. The employee roster almost doubles in size reaching 52 employees and opening additional branches in Poland (in March) and Dubai (in October). The amount of kW delivered that year was 170 000.

We now arrive in our current tenth year with yet more growth and further expansion. Solarity counts 62 employees as of this year and the establishment of a new branch in Morocco in June 2021.

Our path to ultimate sustainability continues through our implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (CSR in short) or the voluntary commitment of companies to behave responsibly towards both the environment and therefore society as whole. 

And so, our voyage continues, from humble beginnings to a global enterprise. Nobody knows what the future holds in store, what we at Solarity know is we will continue with our mission to make the world a better place through the implementation and distribution of clean, safe and renewable solar energy accessible to everyone.