PV systems are green, Solarity even greener!

In addition to selling renewable solar systems, we have been involved in different projects with a focus on sustainability in the past year. Here is a short summary of activities of ours that have left a tangible and positive impact on the planet.

        1. Planting trees for every order
        2. Solar Pergola for students
        3. Greener transportation
        4. Solar energy for Myanmar
        5. Eco-friendly staff

Planting trees for every order​

Since April 2020, Solarity has decided to plant a tree for every order with the One Tree Planted initiative. In one year, with approximately 300 orders each month, we have contributed to planting 3769 trees throughout the world – from Romania to Spain and Denmark to Thailand and the Americas.

We plan to continue contributing to the earth’s reforestation in 2021 through donations but also by organizing a plant team-building effort and putting our hands to the plough when the situation allows.

One tree for each order >>

Solar Pergola for students

We have donated several components to install a Solar Pergola at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague: Canadian Solar panels (280W), a Victron inverter, battery and charge controller. Today, thanks to the installation, University students can charge their phones and laptops while working outside.

Solar pergola CZU

Greener transportation

During the summer of 2020, Solarity decided to change some of its transportation methods to accommodate intermodal freight transport. As a more sustainable logistics solution, it has saved more than 3440kg of CO2 since we have started its implementation.

What is intermodal transportation? >>

Solar Energy for Myanmar

We have contributed to a charitable project to install sustainable and eco-friendly solar systems for schools in Myanmar. All the components have been delivered to the selected schools but the current volatile situation in the country means they will be installed later when the situation improves.

We are planning similar projects and we are looking forward to helping local communities for our next initiative certainly in Africa.

The Myanmar project >>

Eco-friendly staff

Solarity is a company that encourages numerous “green activities” for its staff and personnel at all levels.

To encourage commuting by bike, Solarity has opened a biking garage. In summer 2020, five sports enthusiasts took advantage of this opportunity to actively participate in the Work by bike challenge.

To support charitable activities, from 2021, Solarity has started to pay for the employee’s time spent volunteering for charitable purposes. For two volunteering days, an employee can get up to one day paid in full.

Other small gestures are spreading sustainable practices and ideas within the company: we are sharing news and thoughts in a #sustainability Slack channel, employees organize clothing swaps, some buy in bulk locally, others have chosen a vegan diet, or even use Ecosia for their internet searches. Solarity even gave Zero-waste kits as Christmas gifts to promote the eco-lifestyle.

Together, we are thriving to make a difference and make the world a greener place to live.

We think renewable, we live sustainable!

Green commuting to work