Summer solar industry news: 500+ W modules era, Zero-Gap Technology by Q CELLS and new products from K2

A lot has been changing in the photovoltaics industry in the past few weeks. Keep up-to-date with all the latest news in our summer solar industry news digest, featuring Canadian Solar, Q CELLS, SolarEdge, K2 and many more.

Bigger size, higher efficiency, lower price

The trend in the PV industry is clear – cells are getting bigger and have more wattage, which increases the power output of each solar panel significantly. All PV manufacturers need to adapt to this new tendency and are introducing new products. Canadian Solar has announced the production of 500+ W modules, K2 Systems are changing their rail lengths, SolarEdge is launching new inverters and optimisers and many others are following.

Another trend that is on the rise shows that more and more solar cell manufacturers are switching to monocrystalline modules. Even Canadian Solar, whose portfolio was predominantly with polycrystalline silicon, is also gradually replacing older modules by monocrystalline modules. Solarity also keeps up with the trend and will have new products in stock such as Canadian Solar HiKu 360W mono, Q CELLS‘ gapless G9 module. We still have Canadian Solar 295-300W poly modules in stock, but be prepared, from September, they will be phased out.

Finally, during the last quarter, prices from manufacturers decreased tremendously, so we updated our prices on PV Trade. Don’t hesitate and check it out by yourself!


Compatible with
Canadian Solar 360-370W mono

See the datasheet


Compatible with high power 
Canadian Solar HiKu 440-450W mono

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New Zero gap technology

Q CELLS has announced the production of a new solar panel Q.PEAK DUO-G9 powered by a new technology called Q.ANTUM DUO Z. The “gapless” or Zero-gap technology increases the density of the module by removing the unnecessary gaps between solar cells, resulting in up to a 20% improvement in its efficiency. The module also offers the industry’s best product guarantee program, providing a 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance guarantee like the G8 module series.

Q CELLS Technology

New Zero-gap technology by Q Cells. More information here.

Above 500 Wp solar panels era

The Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) in the renewable energy sector is dropping significantly, according to the recent research from BloombergNEF. World’s leading manufacturers are therefore adopting bigger wafer sizes to increase the power output from a single module and thus reduce the LCOE even further. We have compiled a short overview of the new ultra-high solar panels launched only recently by seven Tier 1 manufacturers.

New innovations by K2

K2 systems has presented its latest innovation and new products at SOCO digital conference at the end of June. Here is an overview of K2’s novelties:

MicroRail: A system for corru­gated and trape­zoidal sheet roofs

      • Screwed directly into the corrugated sheet without fixing in the purlins
      • No fastening in the purlins, therefore fewer roof parameters have to be determined
      • Quick and easy mounting on corrugated sheet metal using an adapter and directly on trapezoidal sheet metal
      • Only two rail lengths for all load cases
Micro Rail

Dome 6 flat roof systems

      • The new generation is 80 % pre-assembled
      • Number of components significantly reduced
      • Dome Speed Spacer provides flexible and fast rail alignment
      • Simultaneous assembly of modules and the mounting system as well as reduced screw connections provide additional time savings 
      • Single and double-sided 10° elevation
      • Roofs with limited load capacity as well as pitched roofs (≤ 10°) can be securely anchored with the Dome FixPro Set
Dome 6 flat roof systems

CrossHook 3S and 4S: Opti­mi­sations

      • CrossBoard now with CrossBracket 4S for roof edge areas or roof obstacles
      • CrossHook 4S: No more tool change required for height adjustment
      • Planned availability: September 2020

Optimised rail systems

  • SingleRail:
  • SolidRail: 
  • SpeedRail 22

New lengths

  • 2.25 m
  • 3.30 m
  • 4.40 m
  • 5.50 m

Solarity plants a tree for every order

Solarity’s core business is distributing solar systems and PV solutions around the world. Being a solar distributor already helps to build a sustainable future thanks to renewable energy. But we are going further: for every order we receive, we plant a tree, regardless of the size or value. Read our article and learn more about how many trees we have already planted since April 2020 and what are Solarity´s plans for the near future.