How was the SEAC 2022?Do not miss these key takeaways

Solarity presented the first round of SEAC (Solarity energy awareness conference) in Jordan in July this year with great success in achieving the conference purpose and enhancing energy awareness. SEAC is focused on promoting quality updates about the recent technologies in the renewable energy industry in Jordan and the Middle East region. In an atmosphere of true cooperation between the private and governmental sectors bringing together again the world-class manufacturers, EPCs, and students to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the fields of renewable energy.

Delegates from different industries were invited, including governmental representatives and World’s leading manufacturers (Canadian Solar Inc., LONGi Solar, SMA Solar Middle East and Africa (MEA), Fronius International, and SolaX Power Co.)


Solarity, as always, will be the leading supplier to share insights about renewable energy and Place its partners and clients on the right track to be up to date with all the tech improvements and new trends that worldwide markets are following.


In the case of missing the event, we are more than delighted to lead you through the most important key takeaways from the event and what it impacts in Jordan and the middle east markets.

Due to the need for a constant update within the PV industry, even quarterly, Solarity takes it upon itself to share and review the most cutting-edge technology improvements and the latest trends. For this reason, the SEAC idea emerged into reality in collaboration with our partner manufacturers to be the platform that announces what is next and how to prepare for it.


Longi Solar

After the successful start of the collaboration and partnership at the beginning of 2019, Solarity Jordan, with the help of Longi Solar started to distribute and evaluate projects using its products ranging from HIMO-4 to the HIMO-5, which placed the installation market at an unprecedented quality of yield and performance, and Eng. Omar Atiyat (Sales manager for Jordan) gave a quick walk through the range of the products and how it could elevate the performance and guarantee quality with cost reduction, we also had a sneak peek at the future trends and manufacturing policy for Longi in the upcoming years where it will adapt the N-type technology to increase the quality of the product even more, and being the market leader with and with the highest volume shipped until now, we are sure that Longi Solar will remain to be the market influencer and impact the future green energy to a level never seen before.

Canadian Solar

It is not a new fact that Canadian Solar represents one of the cornerstones on which Solarity bases its supply and demands, it comes for a variety of reasons, and one of the most important of them is the quality and the wide range of products that suit all requirements. Canadian Solar had been supplying solar modules for the region since the beginning of the energy reforms policies in Jordan and the middle east, and it is still considered to be a market key product for the majority of the installers and EPCs, with an impressive reference list through the region, it goes without saying that the performance levels are held to the highest of levels. Eng. Riyad Khalili (ME sales manager), gave a preview of the latest products from CSI, highlighting the latest HIKU-7 module which is the milestone addition to the product list that covers the utility and large-scale projects, and with it 210mm wafers and power output up to 670 watts, this solution had a success that was not seen before especially for the targeted large scale projects and is considered to be the base on which future products will base.

Fronius Energy

During the inception of Solarity’s Jordan office, many of reliable brands were suggested to lead the distribution market, one of the chosen brands was Fronius, and it is still a pillar of success that generated many astonishing projects and installations throughout Jordan.

Solarity Prides itself with the carefully selected brands to distribute, and Fronius is a main product on the portfolio because simply, it is one of the best inverter solutions available, with a manufacturing quality based in Austria, and a simple award-winning external design, Fronius makes the hard and complex tasks look easy.

Eng.Ziad Reda, gave us an interesting presentation on what makes Fronius a market leader, and how it managed to differentiate itself from its competitors by having attention to detail and presenting a product that is fully safe to use in household projects.
The range of products and the capabilities for the latest Tauro inverters line is one of the most interesting points presented, and with a suitable range for residential projects as well, Fronius does indeed represent the full package solution for a market such as the Jordanian market.
Solarity with the help of Fronius has supplied a staggering number of projects in ME, and as we can see from the performance point of view, it will stand the test of time and deliver the energy it promises.


The most known brand of PV inverters and PV solution providers was one of the main pushing points of success for Solarity in the middle east, and this brand is of course SMA Solar.
With the most track record and most number of units installed worldwide, SMA Solar is an undisputed leader of PV inverters technology.
Eng.Moutasem Bitar (Business development manager) reviewed the roadmap for the SMA products, and presented the new hybrid solutions, EV chargers and the latest STP X line that would replace the STP X-TL30.
SMA in collaboration with Solarity’s team, will maintain the highest level of services and keep the SMA brand name shining in the portfolio as the go-to solution for any complex project.




SolaX Power

SolaX Power is one of the top emerging brands that provides both grid-tied and hybrid projects, and as Solarity aims to be the one stop shop for any PV technology, it was a match made in heaven by utilizing the incredibly wide range of on-grid inverters to the local Jordanian market, and spreading the awareness for the hybrid products that are distinct and highly capable solutions that are expected to be soon regulated in the Jordanian market. Solax and Solarity had helped the local market become more aware of the details in the residential installations by using the X1 Boost product, and the superior monitoring and remote control capabilities, and with more than 500 installed already since the start of the collaboration in the beginning of 2022, Solax is viewed as an added value product that is expected to expand in its range and portfolio. Through our collaboration with these manufacturers , we made it clear to the Middle East market that Solarity will hold its level of service quality which we set for ourselves, and work harder to raise the bar and improve the solutions of the supply chain for all the PV projects in the region.