SMA – NEW STPX Feature comparison

The brand-new Sunny Tripower X is the cutting-edge system choice for industrial and sizable residential PV systems. Up to five SMA inverters and one energy meter are monitored by the integrated System Manager feature, which is powered by ennexOS and has direct access to Sunny Portal. As a result, active and reactive power can be dynamically closed-loop controlled using SMA Dynamic Power Control. It is compatible with the newest generation of high-performance PV modules because of the wide input voltage range and high input current capability. The ingenious enclosure design offers effective cooling of the electronic components, ensuring the Sunny Tripower X will last as long as possible.


For all of the system’s devices, commissioning may be done centrally, swiftly, and with ease. Users gain from integrated technology during operation.

Sunny Tripower X Inverter

New Features

• Integrated system manager: Includes monitoring and management for up to 5 inverters with a maximum output of 135 kVA, direct access to the ennexOS powered Sunny Portal and dynamic power control for SMA.

• Greater adaptability: Three MPP trackers, high input current for efficient solar panels and future energy management capabilities can be added thanks to a modular architecture.

Comparison with the old version

Commissioning and Operation

The new STPx has integrated WiFi, now it can be commissioned in two ways:

      1.  Establishing a direct connection via WLAN:
        1.  SSID in WLAN: SMA[serial number] (e.g. SMA0123456789)
        2. Device-specific Wi-Fi password: see WPA2-PSK on the type label of the product
        3. Standard access address for a direct connection via WLAN outside of a local network: or


Establishing a Connection via Ethernet:

      1. A new IP address will be assigned to the product if it is linked to a local network (via a router, for example). The new IP address will either be assigned automatically by the router’s DHCP server or manually by you, depending on the configuration type. After configuration is complete, the product can only be accessed using the following access addresses:
      2. Generally applicable access address: IP address manually assigned or assigned by the DHCP server (router) (identification via network scanner software or network configuration of the router).
      3. Access address for Apple and Linux systems: SMA[serial number].local (e.g. SMA0123456789.local)
      4. Access address for Windows and Android systems: https://SMA[serial number] (e.g. https://SMA0123456789).


Thanks to the professional monitoring and control functions of SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, you can obtain a full picture of energy flows across all sectors. Potential for optimization can be identified and swiftly translated into action anytime. That improves the return on your investment, as energy costs can be reduced significantly and energy efficiency increased at the same time.


Developed as a comprehensive system, the Sunny Tripower X is the smartest inverter for sustainable energy generation. A range of functions enabling easy integration into any type of installation ensures a diverse array of possible uses in commercial applications and large private homes.
Sunny Tripower X as system manager
Sunny Tripower X with Sunny Home Manager 2.0
Sunny Tripower X with SMA Data Manager

Availability at Solarity Warehouses

As Solarity is an authorized distributor for SMA inverters, we secured the demanded quantity for our clients. We have also secured pre-orders for the coming 6 months. In case a client needs any technical advice, our technical team is fully capable of handling any inquiry.

Author: Eng. Ahmad Al Azzam, Technical Support Engineer ME