The new X1-Boost G4 Advantages

The new 4th generation of the X1 boost inverter offers a wide range of new features in terms of the product’s dimensions, technical specifications and compatibility with other Solax products. This article will focus on these new features, working modes and will show the advantages of the new generation compared to its previous one. It will also contain the devices certification, which will give a clear image about the device’s capabilities, and Solarity’s plan to provide this product to local markets.

Working modes and new features

The new version of the X1 boost works as an on-grid inverter. It also has the capability of working in export control mode compatible with some countries net billing regulations or zero export. The system topologies of the new version are:
Single inverter with export control

By enabling the export control function and using an external Solax meter, the new X1 boost can achieve zero feed-in to the grid. The components needed to have such function are:

        • X1 boost G4
        • Solax meter or CT
        • Optional internet connection for monitoring
Parallel with export control

In this application, up to 5 inverters can be connected in parallel (Max. 30 kW). One inverter will be the system controller by setting it as a master with the Meter/CT connected to it. Other inverters will be connected to the master by RS485 cables and in slave mode following the settings of the master inverter. The components needed to have this application are:

        • X1 boost G4 (2-5 units)
        • Solax meter
        • RJ45 splitter
        • Optional internet connection for monitoring
Export control with datahub

This application can hold up to 60 inverters (20*3) all in slave mode with one DataHub 1000 as a master. The connection between the inverters is done by RS485 cables. The components of this application are:

        • X1 boost G4 (1-60 units)
        • DataHub 1000
        • Solax meter
        • RJ45 splitter
        • Optional internet connection for monitoring
EV charger solution

The inverter can communicate with the smart EV-Charger to form an intelligent photovoltaic, storage and EV charging energy system, thus maximizing the utilization of photovoltaic energy. The components needed for this application are:

        • X1 boost G4
        • X1-EVC-7.2k
        • Solax meter
        • RJ45 splitter
        • Optional internet connection for monitoring

As Solax power is very committed to research and development, the new version has outstanding new features which make it a very flexible product to use and hard to compete with. Its new features are listed as follow:

Extraordinary Performance:
        • DC:AC ratio of up to 2:1, which gives the installer huge flexibility in terms of system design and makes it very efficient in high shading projects.
        • Low startup voltage to invest the tiniest amount of solar irradiance for power production.
        • High Short circuit current to be compatible with high power class modules.
Easy to use and monitor:
        • With the new WiFi dongle, data will be updated every 10 seconds.
        • Easy and quick configuration using either the application or WiFi.
Smaller and lighter

More safe and reliable

        • Built-in DC and AC SPD’s.
        • Integrated IV tracing.
        • Internal export function.

Super adaptable

        • Master/Slave parallel solution in case of multiple inverters.
        • Home EV Charger and Heat Pump Solution adaptable.

Comparison with the old version


The X1 boost G4 is certified from 3rd party laboratories to meet almost all industrial standards and safety requirements. On the other hand, there are some certifications which are not available at the moment but Solax power is able to secure such special certification once they receive any demand.

Solarity’s plan for the new version

As Solarity is a trusted distributor for Solax Power inverters in many countries, the plan is to secure the quantity needed to meet clients demand once the old version is out of stock (not many units are left). Solarity’s technical team is also capable of offering full support to our clients in case they need it.


Author: Eng. Ahmad Al Azzam, Technical Support Engineer ME