Less diesel electricity. Jordan bets to the wind and the sun

The Middle East is a symbol of oil and gas wealth, but this is not valid for all countries in the region. Jordan lacks its own raw material resources. Existential dependence mainly on its neighbors in a geopolitically difficult region and the frequent use of diesel for electricity production has the opportunity to effectively reduce due to suitable natural conditions for solar and wind energy.

Jordan has ideal conditions for that.

The desert stretches over nine-tenths of Jordan’s territory and is largely unexpectedly mountainous. The sun shines about 330 days a year and the wind blows almost continuously. The combination of these factors provides the country with almost ideal conditions for a long-term focus on renewable energy. In Jordan, the challenge is not only the usual issue of storage and instability of natural resources, but also outdated local infrastructure. For this reason are specific solutions for individual buildings well applied, for example only for water heating, which is otherwise solved by increasingly expensive diesel or electricity. Our local branch in Jordan has gradually become one of the key players in this area on the Jordanian and wider regional market.
The impact of climate change on Jordan’s daily lives is becoming more pronounced every year, not least in the form of critical water shortages. Unprecedented cold winters and rising temperatures during the summer, especially in Amman, located at an altitude of almost 1000 meters, mean almost smooth transitions from heating to air conditioning. In combination with high electricity and diesel prices, energy-efficient buildings are becoming a relatively new topic. From the classic insulation that the vast majority of buildings in Jordan lack, which Jordanians are beginning to show more and more interest in, to the latest clever ideas for energy savings.

Thus, Czech companies are offered a wide range of opportunities in Jordan, from solar energy to energy savings.

That is why the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Amman, in cooperation with the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of the Czech Technical University, prepared a presentation of Czech innovative solutions in the field of renewable sources and the Czech Republic as an interesting partner for this sector.