SolaX portfolio in Solarity Jordan and useful tips & tricks for installers

PV installers can benefit from quick installation and commissioning thanks to SolaX’s solutions for residential solar buildings, and end users can benefit from an optimized user experience thanks to control and monitoring features that let the energy management flow in smart homes by simply using any Wi-Fi enabled device (PC, smartphones or tablets).


The X1 Boost is the best residential solar inverter which is made especially for homes with solar panels on various roof angles. The X1 Boost may be connected to two different panel arrays via two MPPT trackers, and because it is IP66 rated, it can be mounted outside.


With a whopping 97.8% efficiency and a maximum DC voltage of 600V, SolaX X1 Boost is one of the most effective residential string solar inverters on the market right now, ensuring that you are maximizing the use of your solar power.


Simple Installation and fast commissioning


Plug and Play connectors are included on both the DC and AC sides, which means installation can be done without having to open the inverter’s front cover. Also using the inverters display, life is much easier when it comes to commissioning and setting the inverter to the country standard. A better user experience is made possible by the integrated User Interface (UI), which gives WLAN-enabled devices access to features like advanced inverter configuration settings, dynamic feed-in control, and load manager.


Three phase inverters from SolaX are unmatched in the industry for quality, dependability, and efficiency. The SolaX three phase inverters have a maximum input voltage of 1000V and up to 200% oversizing, a wide MPPT voltage range for more energy harvesting, and a maximum efficiency of 98.3%. Furthermore, SolaX three phase inverters are IP66 rated, do not contain an internal fan, and offer an optional “plug & play” WiFi option.


Suitable for Small Commercial PV Arrays


The best little business or domestic solar inverter is the X3 Mic G2, which is ideal for houses with solar panels on various roof angles. The X3 Mic G2 can link to two different panel arrays via two MPPT trackers, and because it is IP66 approved, it may be mounted outside as well.


Hybrid Inverters

SolaX Power has announced the release of the third version of our market-dominating hybrid inverter, which now comes in a variety of single-phase and three-phase configurations. The most well-liked energy storage option is the X-Hybrid battery storage inverter since it works with the top lithium-ion battery systems now on the market.


Never lose power


You can guarantee that you will never be without power with SolaX X-Hybrid, even during a power outage. The X-Hybrid can operate totally off-grid thanks to an emergency power supply, or “EPS” switch, which means that any power you have stored on your batteries will now be utilized in the event of a power outage.

Lithium Batteries

Designed and manufactured by SolaX, Triple Power is offering a NEW model that can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries enabling 48kWh of storage. The new Triple Power encompasses the very latest in LFP technology which ensures much safer installations with wider temperature tolerances. With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.


Remote Monitoring

        • live display
        • app and website portal
        • functionality control


From your smartphone or tablet, you can keep an eye on your battery in real time, examine its current charge and history charging statistics, and even decide when and if you want to charge your battery from the grid at a lower cost.


About Solarity

Solarity is a distributor and solutions provider of photovoltaic (PV) systems. The company offers a complete assortment of both on-grid and off-grid solutions, including modules, inverters, mounting systems and accessories, to PV professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Our international team has more than 10 years of PV experience and is based in Prague, Budapest, Kyiv, Amman, Warsaw and Casablanca.


Our business partners are installers, EPC contractors, resellers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers in almost all PV markets. We stand for flexibility, individual approach, trustworthiness and build on mutual trust and long-term cooperation. We bring the latest smart technologies to the market through close collaboration with some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We believe that everyone can live sustainably, so we promote this approach through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Solarity has already served hundreds of B2B customers from more than 30 countries. We have delivered more than 1 GW of PV material worldwide.


Author: Minh-Quan Dang