How can SMA Webconnect / Speedwire improve the solar service experience?

With the development of photovoltaic technologies, solar monitoring systems have appeared on the market. The solar monitoring system is now a standard element of every PV installation. Our engineers have experience in modernising photovoltaic systems with a monitoring system and recommend using these solutions in every PV installation.

The most significant advantage of using the solar monitoring system is the awareness of the PV system’s performance. In case of any problems, data can be quickly sent to pre-diagnosis by our technicians, who will know how to fix the problem without unnecessary calls and site visits. It saves the costs and the time of a site visit to perform system checks.

Our technical team in Jordan upgraded one of our client’s SMA STP25 inverter that was installed five years ago without a communication interface. To enable monitoring of the solar power plant, our engineers installed SMA Webconnect/Speedwire data module.

The Webconnect/Speedwire data module is the easiest solution from SMA to ensure a highly reliable communication connection, and it suits specific types of SMA inverters. An ethernet cable link devices and allows to transmit data in the system. The cable can easily facilitate the communication to Sunny Portal through the modem, and ensure the highest level of data non-repudiation.


The Webconnect/Speedwire data module is the way to provide service to Solarity clients in Jordan. Not only it provides reporting and analyse data in a way that is easy to understand for end-users, but also saves time and reduces costs of repair.


If you are interested in a solar monitoring system and want to supply your installation with it, buy it in our e-shop or contact us.